Fantastic Opportunity

of developing to any desired purpose,

With a Registered Ruin on a 59,375.00 M2 plot of land.

If sunsets and landscapes like this, peace and tranquillity, for bird-watching or independent living interest you. Then you must visit and think seriously about this property.

At this price, this is a property that can be said to be a complete blank canvas and can be developed for any desired purpose. If you are interested in organic farming, this farm was not grown over the last 10 years, so you can start immediately. If you prefer to breed horses, pure breed dogs or any other animals, you got here about 19,5 Acres of land, where the construction percentage allowed reaches to 1500 m2 between housing and the buildings necessary to support activities of the property.

The existing House today, classified as a ruin, is too decayed to be recoverable, as can be seen in some pictures below. It’s a demolition project that should be taken into account. The property was purchased in the late 90’s, with the purpose of building something for family and friends, but many plans overlapped to the initial ones, and now it’s time to sell, as no one of the family showed interest in the property.

This property is an excellent starting point for any purpose located in a world awarded area known for the excellence of its wines and vineyards. The fields are sandy, ideal for horses, with a slight tilt to the West. There is a medium voltage line that crosses the western corner of the property for over 140 m and about 40 m inside the property over the Orange Grove. There are various Umbrella Pines trees, Olive trees, Fig trees (that provide figs sweet as honey), Orange, Tangerine, Pomegranate trees and an abundance of Brambles that give a lot of blackberries.

Located just 650 metres from a good tarmac road, the approach to the property is via an unpaved road on reasonable conditions, even for a normal car to get there. There is also another opposite access of the same dirt road that is longer, but in better conditions. The property has its own water supply for agriculture or, with the proper equipment, for human consumption; with two wells, one of them with water less than 3 m from the ground level. Was mentioned the existence of a water pump with electric pump and good flow. The “cherry on top of the cake” are these fantastic views.

With sandy and fertile land, ideal for horses and easy cultivation of any plant or vegetables is not cultivated for over ten years, so it can be started immediately a biological culture, with plenty of space to install solar panels and start your own micro-production and be self-sufficient. The property requires proper fencing all around, as it is only partially fenced and not in the best conditions. This must also be something to consider.

With a road front of 250 m, the House (ruin) is situated in the middle of the land, at one end of the property we have pine trees and magnificent shadows to enjoy, relax, meditate, do picnics, bird watching, picking up pine nuts to eat or just get inspired for your hobbies or for your daily life duties as an artist, writer, etc.


The land

From the Umbrella Pine trees, the pictures shown what you should expect to find on your visit. Of course, the singing of the birds, the smells and sensations, you can only experience live or in a little film that I made available below just for you.

On the Middle Right side we have a well with water at just about two meters down and plenty of wild blackberries.

In this same area, we have a medium voltage pole next to the fence, outside the property, the following pole is on next neighbour property and cables run through about of 140 m along the property, and in about of 40 meters above the Orange Grove. There are no poles at the property.

Then scattered along the land, we can find several Fig trees, with figs sweet as honey, some Olives trees, that we believe are sufficient to save a few Euros, instead of buying olive oil in stores and also some young Pine trees.

The property is Freehold, with the network electricity at the door, Two wells, 3”pump, water reservoir, 5 min. by car from the train station, 8 min. from the motorway, 12 min. from the village of Poceirão, 40 min. from Lisbon Airport and 25 min. from the city of Setúbal, where you can find all the modern amenities with Supermarkets, Markets, Hospitals, Banks, Shopping Centres and Beautiful Beaches, etc.

Energy Certificate N/A

Interested buyers, further enquiries and appointments to view via the agents. Please contact us.


Property Features

  • 1500 m2 Construction Potential
  • 2 Wells
  • 3" Pump
  • Agricultural Water
  • Blank Canvas Property
  • Fertile Sandy Land
  • Fig Trees
  • Near 6 Hectares
  • Orange Grove
  • Several Fruit Trees
  • Umbrela Pine Trees
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