NEW – Property Location & Advice Service
in Mainland Portugal

Are you tired of Pointless Real Estate Visits?
We can Help (Properties with land Only)

If you found a Property Advert Online and have doubts of where it is, what and how are the surroundings, what amenities you can find nearby, before you make the initial contact enquiring about the property, please feel to contact us on the form provided HERE.

We can check that out for you, the property location, the layout, the national registry status of the property (it always require up to date checks and is charged separately 15€ per property), the confrontations or access dependencies, if there is a motorway or a railroad nearby, if the property is located on potential flood or landslide danger areas or there are high voltage poles on, or cablings passing by the property, as many other situations that might exist but not shown, nor mentioned to attract you innocently for a visit.

Alerting you for most of the obvious possible dangers or issues the property or properties might have, even before you contact the listing agent, saving you time and plenty of money in pointless visits, especially if you are abroad or don’t know the area.

Unfortunately many, if not the majority of the properties in Portugal suffer from an unregistered edification (construction) problem, then normally the Adverts are the most vague possible to avoid others to list that property, not helping at all in the customer service its supposed to be provided.

This has been a big problem to whom is buying, that if not protected with the right legal representative (Lawyer), will only brings you (the buyer) big, long and expensive problems once the transaction is concluded, as you honestly believe and are influenced you are actually doing a great buy, and at the end of it is a pit of major problems.

This service brings you a higher level of peace of mind, awareness and will help you selecting the correct property, but above all, even if your choice is “That Property” it will give you the tools needed to help you to do the right questions to satisfy (or not) your buyers position or even any possible offers that might be done.

What do we need, to bring you the correct results, we need you to fill in the Questionnaire, that the advert or adverts actually have external pictures leading into the property and out of the property, giving reference points, sometimes even two pictures advert is sufficient if the surrounding landscape is there.

What we need from you is, that after you select the properties, tell us what do you need to know about each property, copy and paste to the Questionnaire appropriate text space the hyperlinks (LINK’s) of the desired properties adverts, but please bear in mind, that close shoot pictures, ruins and interior pictures, rarely brings any result on what this service concerns.

So only once we check your request, we will choose or select the adverts that we believe suitable and then send you a reply and a payment link with the total amount, to proceed with the service, after the amount be paid.

Note; Some properties take 5 minutes, others 5 hours yet other near 5 days, but be sure if we couldn’t find any of the selected properties we will refund you the respective amount so no risk.

With this service we provide you on a small investment, the information needed to avoid you some expensive pointless visits.

We have a very high rate of achievement in this service and offer discount in bulk requests, so if you are tired of pointless visits, or want to really avoid time loss visits, please do contact us and if you not happy with the service we will return you money back, nevertheless the payments are through PayPal so you will have that extra payment protection layer if not satisfied.


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